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The Parlay Calculator indicates how much money sports bettors could win if they placed a bet on a certain number of games. Furthermore, players who visit the website can rank their favorite sportsbook and we display the results to show the betting public who are visitors trust with their money.

The Parlay Calculator is owned and operated by 4-time Sports Handicapping Champion Ron Raymond who has been in the sports gaming business since 1996 .

About Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond

Ron Raymond is a veteran sports handicapper going into his 24th season and is recognized as a pioneer in the online sports handicapping industry. In 2009, Ron Raymond wrote a book called “Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” and it is now listed on Amazon.

Plus, Ron Raymond is the owner and founder of the World Series of Handicapping© Pro Football Contest going into its 9th season.

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