Why I Switched to Parlay-Betting

Hi, my name is Fred and I’ll be 68 in May. I was a literary professor, but now I’m finally retired.

Most of my friends are ‘book smart’ like me and none of us have really bothered with sports gambling too much. Myself, I’m more of a puzzles guy; a scientific guy; a certainty guy.

But, to be perfectly honest, I used to enjoy getting a lottery ticket with my groceries here and there. I’ve definitely hit some numbers in my 45 years of buying groceries, but I’m sure that I’ve lost much more than I’ve won lol. Anyway, the other day one of my younger brothers, Hank, who is a sports freak and a seasoned sports-bettor, finally had enough and couldn’t take it anymore.

He saw that I was burning money and he put me in a headlock until I agreed to hear him out about betting sports. I agreed, so he let me go and mentioned something about parlay-betting.

I asked him, “What’s a parlay?” and after he explained what a parlay was, I realized that I’d basically just be trading “a number” for “a final score” where I could also have the extra enjoyment of watching ball with my brother and cheering on my teams.

But that’s not all.

I could hardly believe my eyes when he brought up a site called “parlay calculator” on his phone where he showed me that I could turn my $20 into $120 if I just hit 3 games.

50% chance to hit each number instead of 10% chance like my lotto 6/49?!

Those odds are *infinitely* better!

I thought to myself, “I may as well make the change; after all, I’m not getting any younger!”

With my first ticket I won my first 2 games but lost the 3rd (you have to win or tie them all in order to get a payout); however, I also noticed that it was exhilarating to actually enjoy the game as though I was on the field myself. Much better than burning my money.

It’s a no-brainer.

And yes! I’m not lying or exaggerating!

If you bet 20 dollars and pick only 3 games, at even odds, you earn between $120-$130 dollars depending on your book. It’s that simple.

Since then, I’ve rang up my online bookmaker for 100s of dollars, and I’m still profiting.

From a guy who used to think that it was “never smart to gamble on a regular basis”, to a guy who finally sees what the big deal is, if you’re tired of throwing away your money trying to win the lottery, then this is an excellent way to at least get some bang for your buck and, like me, maybe a little bit of extra pocket change on top of that.

I now have a new hobby and can’t wait to get back to deciding which two or three games that I’ll be choosing for this weekend’s enjoyment.

Thanks for the suggestion little bro!

– Fred