Sportbet Sportsbook Review

Reputation: 5/5

  • Sportbet easily earns full marks on reputation. Their parent company is 5Dimes who have been around since 1999, and they have earned themselves a rock solid reputation.
  • Sportbet has earned their own good name for being trustworthy and reliable.


Personalization: 4.9/5

  • Sportbet is one of the few reputable books available for Americans to bet with.
  • Sportbet offers a massive array of betting options; probably, the most we’ve seen.
  • Sportbet has a good layout. Awesome for the beginner.
  • Despite offering commercial juice, Sportbet has ‘Reduced Juice’ program that make this a viable book for professional sports-bettors.
  • Bet limits are about average.

Bonuses/Promotions 5/5:

  • Sportbet offers a reduced-juice promotion, along with many other bonuses.
  • Sportbet offers Casino Rebates, Cash Back programs, 30% Super Saver Bonuses, and even a Loyalty Bonus where your 8th and 9th deposits are on the house!


Variety 5/5:

  • Sportbet offers a sportsbook, a racebook, they have their own lottery, and even their own poker-room. Of course, they also have an online casino that has all of your favorites.
  • In terms of their sportsbook, they have many different bet types that professional handicappers appreciate.
  • Sportbet has one of the most expansive menus to bet on. Sportbet offers action on Television, Oscars, Competitive Eating, Darts, etc.


Site Layout 4.8/5:

  • Sportbet website is laid out very well. Simple, organized, and user-friendly.
  • We found that the pages loaded extremely fast.


Sign Up Simplicity 5/5:

  • Sportbet is legal for Americans to wager with.
  • Sportbet has a whopping 17 different deposit methods! We were amazed to find that they even accept BitCoins. That’s huge!!
  • American books don’t usually have too many options, but Sportbet is definitely the exception to that.
  • Most deposits are free, but some methods have fees.


Pay Out Simplicity 5/5:

  • We found that Sportbet consistently pays out the same day that the withdrawal is requested.
  • Sportbet offers 14 different withdrawal methods. Again, most are free, but some have fees attached.
  • Considering that U.S. citizens usually pay absurd fees with most other books, we found Sportbet to be a breath of fresh air.
  • Sportbet is one of the most viable and trustworthy books for Americans to book with.


Customer Service 5/5:

  • Sportbet has excellent 5 star Customer Service. They have 24/7 help including: live chat support, phone and email support.
  • Sportbet even has a Blog where they can be reached 24/7 which we found pretty cool.


Mobile/Accessibility 5/5:

  • Sportbet is available for wagering in America.
  • Sportbet is Mobile Accessible! Take your gambling experience with you wherever you go.


Overall Impression 5/5:

  • The variety is stunning.
  • Available to the U.S.
  • The bonuses are more than adequate.
  • Sportbet offers reduced juice, making this perfect for professional sports gamblers.
  • There is such an extensive array of deposit and withdrawal methods and half of them have no transfer fees attached.

Put short? Sportbet is very well put together, and frankly, anyone gambling online is lucky to have a book like this at their disposal.


Total Score: 49.7/50

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