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Should I bet parlays? Why or why not?

Should I bet parlays? Why or why not?

Well, information is power, so let’s look at it from an experienced and logical perspective.

First, since you’re asking about parlays, I assume that you know what they are; however, for the people that don’t, they can find out more information out parlay betting from wikipedia found here.

A lot of newcomers to sports-betting have the same questions that I had when I first started the discipline of gambling sports 10 years ago.Sometimes, it’s nice to have access to the same information that the pros have; sometimes it’s good to base your decisions on cold hard facts:

Fact #1: Parlay betting is not for everyone!

This is a fact. While it’s absolutely perfect for people who play lottery, for people who enjoy bingo, or for anyone that just wants some casual entertainment, it’s not optimal for someone who wants to be actively placing bets every day, all day.

It’s optimized for people who want to invest only a little time into their picks instead of spending all day watching line-moves and looking for whatever other kinds of up-to-the-minute information that they can find.

Fact #2: Most of the big money cappers in Las Vegas will snipe single games by investing copious amounts of time in order to try to find an edge in a particular spot.

Parlays are not where these types of professional gamblers make their money; however, with that said, some of the best are also quite successful with parlays as well.
If you’re about investing your time and energy in order to squeeze Vegas for every loose dime that you can find, then parlay plays probably aren’t your cup of tea.

Fact #3: Parlays are, pound-for-pound, one of the most entertaining, rewarding and exciting facets of sports-betting available!

So for those of you that are used to boring bingo cards and boring lottery tickets, then I would highly recommend that you immediately replace those boring numbers with “white-knuckle buzzer-beater” scenarios.
Yes, ultimately, bingo players and lottery enthusiasts are the exact same breed as parlay bettors; the only difference is that parlay bettors actually get to do a little bit of research to see if their “number” or “team” has a better chance of actually winning.

What are the rewards to parlay betting?

When we use a free online parlay calculator, we can see that when we bet 20 dollars and correctly pick just 3 coin-flip games at even odds (-105), we earn back $120-130 dollars.

If you prefer to bet favourites and correctly pick 3 teams at -150 odds (-150 just means a big favourite), then your $20 wager will earn you a payout of approximately $72.59.

Of course, this depends a little bit on which online book you choose as some will offer you better odds than others.

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