My Friends from Work, The Sports Bar Down the Street, and Why I Now Bet Sports

Me and a few friends from work were out at the sports bar a few nights ago.

We like to go there if we have a little bit of overtime work to complete where the office’s resources aren’t needed.

Most of the guys are big into sports, but us ladies were just there for the company, a few Margaritas, some laughs, and of course the free popcorn.
We couldn’t have cared less about the 10 different monitors that would soon be lit up with basketballs, footballs, and even pucks flying in all directions.

But since guys will be guys, the guys wanted us to each pick 3 games that we thought might win. Since I have a cousin who plays for the Celtics, I asked if they would be playing later and they had a late game.
Since I didn’t really know any other teams, I went to and found the top teams that were playing that night.

I ended up picking the Boston Celtics and the Utah Jazz because of their awesome record.
I also picked the Toronto Raptors because they were last year’s champs.

I didn’t really understand why the others were picking through all kinds of stats and this and that. Why make it complicated?

So after 2 minutes of “research” I just gave my friend 20 dollars along with my picks and went to buy the first round for all of us.
After some shop talk and some girl talk, the night was wearing on and I couldn’t have cared less about my first two games winning. I had forgotten about that 20 dollars.

However, with nobody watching the other games (the place was almost deserted), my ears perked up when I heard my cousin’s name!

Somehow, me and one other guy were the only ones that had won both of our earlier games and we both found ourselves cheering for Boston to win. It was wild!
Long story short, with our whole table cheering for my cousin’s team, I won my bet!

But here is the fun part…I was thinking that I’d get back my 20 dollars and then another 40 or 50 dollars on top of that…but my mouth hit the floor when Jack got back from the ATM with 130 dollars!

Anyway, it’s needless to say that I’m getting into ‘sports betting’ and I’m collecting all kinds of very valuable and free resources online.

I even recently opened my own account with a sports books called ‘‘; so now, when I curl up with my boyfriend to watch “his” sports, little does he know that I’m more interested in the outcomes than he is!

Parlay Calculator betting‘ has made our relationship even better and I can finally stand to spend time with him when he’s sitting on the couch watching “his” sports, and he appreciates that I found a way to share in his interests too.

I have the greatest job, the greatest friends, and now I have a new hobby as well.

Life is great!