Betcris Sportsbook Review

Reputation: 5/5

  • Betcris has been around since 1985.
  • Betcris is international with restrictions only to France and Costa Rica.
  • They are one of the few reliable books that Americans have available to wager with.
  • Our own personal experience, as well as independent reviews, tells us that Betcris are a safe and trustworthy book.

Personalization: 4.6/5

  • Betcris runs commercial juice, so professional handicappers will want to find better odds elsewhere.
  • For the everyday casual bettor, that’s just looking for some gambling entertainment, Betcris is definitely a viable option and worth a look.
  • Betcris is reputed to bring the earliest lines. This means that it brings back some value for professional sports gamblers because they are a viable book for line-shoppers looking for that edge.

Bonuses/Promotions 5/5:

  • Betcris offers standard bonuses like 15% cash back up to $500 on sign-up.
  • Betcris also offers bet points. The more you wager wit h them, the more bet points you get which are redeemable for cash or other items.
  • Betcris gets special points as they are networking with other sites to give out massive cash prizes for ‘free-to-enter’ contests. Make sure that you check out¬†for more details on that.

Variety 4.9/5:

  • Betcris has a good variety. They have all of the basics available to gamble on, however, they do not have the pokerroom available while their bother-site ‘Bookmaker’, does.
  • Betcris takes some interesting entertainment prop bets where you can bet on things from Hollywood to Politics to who will win Miss Universe. We thought that was pretty cool.
  • has an awesome Live Betting feature that keeps updating where you can basically watch a video simulation of the game LIVE and bet on events in real-time. Very very cool.
  • Another thing we noticed was that the odds have little up/down arrows attached and so we could easily see the previous line moves. Excellent feature for those of us that like to watch the market.

Site Layout 4.8/5:

  • Site is very well laid out. Easy to use. Easy to navigate. Everything is clearly organized.
  • Except for the Live Betting section, the site actually looked a little bit plain. Not a lot of eye-candy or entertainment value as far as the layout or graphic design. That said, all we want to know is ?where is the wager box?? and ?when do I get paid??

Sign Up Simplicity 5/5:

  • Signing up was simple. A copy of our license, a credit card number, and we was ready to go.
  • While Bookmaker and Betcris are twin sites, Betcris avoids a lot of the deposit fees. There was a $25 dollar minimum deposit with most methods but we didn’t see any fees attached.
  • With 9 ways to deposit, there are many options. None of them with ?transaction fees?.

Pay Out Simplicity 4.8/5:

  • Betcris offers 4 different withdrawal options.
  • Skrill and Bank Draft have fees attached. Ecopay and Agencia BetCris were completely free.
  • With the maximum withdrawals limited to 1000, 3000, 25000 (depending on withdrawal method), arbitrage betting could be difficult.

Customer Service 5/5:

  • Customer Service is awesome. They have a live help line and they are easily accessible. Also they are accessible by email/phone if it’s not urgent.

Mobile/Accessibility 5/5:

Overall Impression 4.9/50:

While we weren’t too impressed with the fees for the withdrawal options, we were very impressed with the ‘free-to-enter-and-win-cash-money’ contests at ?

While most of the site is fairly plain looking, the live-betting really caught our eye. It has appeal and is very interactive and entertaining. We hadn’t seen that before.

Having the earliest lines makes them stand out from other books as well.

Total Score: 49.0/50

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