Bet365 Sportsbook Review

Reputation: 5/5

  • Bet365 needs absolutely no introduction. They easily earns full marks on reputation.
  • They have been around since 2001 and have quickly rose to be the cream of the crop in sports betting.
  • Bet365 is one of the most well reputed, well-established and professional international books out there. Hands down.
  • In our opinion, even if it’s just for the purpose of points shopping, Bet365 is a must to have.

Personalization: 4.8/5

  • Bet365 have one of the largest variety of things to gamble on in one site. They definitely qualify as a ?1-Stop-Shop? book and they are a viable book for anyone, no matter what you’re into.
  • Bet365 has a professional layout that is fun and interactive. Awesome for the beginner.
  • Tons of content!
  • Bet365 only offers commercial odds, but the choice of sports and bet selections, (not to mention their reliability), still make this a viable book for professional handicappers.
  • Bet365 allows arbitrage betting, but they lower the limits for arbitrage accounts.

Bonuses/Promotions 5/5:

  • Bet365 has a slew of promotions and bonuses. Too many to mention. A few are 50% parlay bonus on US sports, Best Odds guarantee on Horses, they even have discounts on the Greyhounds.
  • Bet365 offers a loyalty program as well as 100% initial deposit bonus (up to $200).

Variety 5/5:

  • Bet365 offers a sportsbook, a racebook, they have their own lottery, and even their own poker-room. They also have an online casino that has all of your favorites.
  • Bet365 offers easy betting O/U on the stock markets!! We haven’t seen this from a book yet so these guys definitely get bonus marks for that.
  • Bet365 also offers live feeds of 100s of sports games. Bet and watch. Again, this is the very top of the food chain, and for them to be extremely reputable and trustworthy on top of it all makes them arguably the best book in the world. If there is anyone better, we haven’t heard about them…and yes…we would know.
  • We find this to be an elite book top to bottom.

Site Layout 5/5:

  • While Bet365 is bursting with content, it’s all laid out very well.
  • Lots of extras to read up on and check out.
  • Bet365 is very interactive.
  • Very well organized and simple to navigate.
  • Site was entertaining and a pleasure to use.
  • We found that the pages loaded extremely fast.

Sign Up Simplicity 5/5:

  • Unfortunately Bet365 is not available for Americans to wager with, but for the rest of the world, we need look no further.
  • Bet365 has an efficient sign-up process including *18* different ways that we could deposit.
  • All deposit methods are completely free. We found this to be a breath of fresh air. No fees. Just free.

Pay Out Simplicity 5/5:

  • Bet365 has earned a rock-solid reputation for consistently paying out the same day that the withdrawal is requested.
  • It’s universally accepted that Bet365 is a completely legitimate and trustworthy book. They pay you as fast as the best books in the game. They won’t play games with your winnings.
  • Bet365 offers 10 methods of withdrawal. All of them FREE. Again. This is a huge deal and very rare to find in any online sports book. Very rare.

Customer Service 5/5:

  • Bet365 has excellent Customer Service. They make themselves accessible with 24/7 chat support, email support, and of course phone.
  • Most issues are immediately resolved and they’re glad to help.

Mobile/Accessibility 4.9/5:

  • Bet365 is not available for wagering in America.
  • Bet365 is up to the time and offer Mobile wagering! Take your gambling experience with you wherever you go.

Overall Impression 5/5:

Bet365 is not at all a stranger to the world of sports betting. These guys are the very top of the top and will be here for a very long time to come.

The differences between Bet365 and many many other good books is immediately made plain and clear. The site is professional, the site is expansive, the book is trustworthy, the book has many options, the book doesn’t tax fees…I mean…on and on.

Not too many books clench our ?one-stop-shop? title, but Bet365 is seriously some of the best bookmaking in the business.

Hats off to these guys. They are absolutely fantastic and they absolutely deserve top marks in any review.

Total Score: 49.7/50

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